Internal Package Management

  1. Communicate with all other departments as required including
    1. Commercial
    2. Procurement
    3. Design
    4. QA/QC
    5. Planners
    6. Project Engineers
    7. Construction Team
  2. Development and execution of the project expediting and quality inspection plan
  3. Compile and maintain all package information required for external packages including,
  4. Package Number.
  5. Contract Award Documents.
  6. Scope of work.
  7. MTO – BOM’s and or equipment schedules.
  8. Specification’s
  9. Vendors ITP’sQA/QC hold points. 
  10. Kick off meeting minutes, as required.
  11. Any other document that is relevant to complete the suite of documents.
  12. Special requirements, as required.
  13. Recommended inspection frequency.
  14. Control, maintain and update the master expediting plan in conjunction with external expeditors (Distribute to project team weekly)
  15. Direct  Document Controllers as required in relation to the maintenance and distribution of all documents including IFC drawings
  16. Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) requirements (co-ordination with Vendor and external expeditors)
  17. MDR population review and submissions